100% original Enter the world of interior decoration and discover our collection of Kilims, authentic rugs from Anatolia, former Asia Minor. Find unique pieces, ancient or centenary, in shimmering colours that will naturally blend into your classical or contemporary home only to enlighten your interior. All our Kilims are traditionally hand-woven by Turkish women, nomadic or sedentary, according to their family and regional tradition.

Each Kilim tells its own story and is a witness of a past event for which it was especially created. With a strong experience in interior design, La Coussinerie and its team will assist and advise you in your choices.
The Kilim, a work of art
Synonymous of good taste and interior ornament, the Kilim is appreciated by connoisseurs, not only for its decorative property. The Kilim also stands for a work of art recounting a nomadic past with rich cultural heritage. Read full story
The Kilim, a page of history
The Kilim’s roots lie in Anatolia at the crossroads of ancient civilisations between the Orient and the West. Born from women’s creativity, Kilims are renowned for their beauty. The diversity of their colours of vegetable, mineral or animal origin. Read full story
Let yourself be guided!
How do you choose your Kilim? The rug that will embellish your interior to perfectly match your aspiration. «La Coussinerie ‘s» showroom offers professional service, along with personalised advice on site or at your home.
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